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This site/website is about books, mostly photo books. But over time I also will add books from other areas such as/particularly architecture, design and literature.

Some books you’ll see on this site are my own, others are books I'd like to have and some of them are ones I’ll probably never possess ...

The underlying concept of this site is to showcase books, not just as simple books but rather as objects. When browsing the internet for relevant information I got so bored by just finding some small text snippets, occasionally bad pictures, and mostly information that related to the book but didn't give an impression of the actual size, the print quality and so on. So my aim was to present books in an adequate way, to show them just as you’d see them in real life. So I put them on a virtual book shelf from which you can choose them.

And yes, I’d be happy for people like artists, publishers or other book-lovers to send me their photo books for displaying them on my site/virtual bookshelf. I won’t make any promises, but chances are not so bad that I’ll put them on display, but please get in touch prior sending:

And if you’ve got any suggestions as to how to improve and extend this site I'm also looking forward to your feedback. So please feel free to get in touch (see above).

Finally, if you are interested in a web-solution for your own collection – either private or public –, if you need a store solution for your bookshop or second-hand bookshop, or if you need a portfolio solution for your photos/images please check out . I built this site myself and the technology used included the Content Management System (CMS or rather jCMS) is easily rolled out for the above-mentioned needs.

Thanks for visiting!


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