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Matej Sitar - Morning sun (active campaign)

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The idea

The Angry bat limited edition photobooks is ready to publish it's second publication with the title Morning sun. After last year’s success with the book America, my way, which is now sold out and has also been voted as one of the most interesting photobooks by Douglas Stockdale, now comes a sensual story about the expectation of the first child and an homage to the woman bearing it.

My name is Matej Sitar and I am a photographer and publisher from Slovenia. With the publishing trademark The angry bat I have fulfilled my wish to produce high quality photobooks on my own terms.

"What does it mean to become a father for the first time? How will everything change, what will the days look like and what will be the new routine? Well, I can’t tell the answers to any of those questions, at least not now anyhow.

The intriguing part before going through all of this is the relationship with the partner. The appreciation of her, every point of her body that is constantly changing, but also staying the same. Something familiar that is developing. There is also the fear of the unknown.
I like the changes. I like the look and the feel of it. And the constant reminder that it is her who is important.

Maja, my love."

The text above derived from my thoughts at the moment of the start of this photographic journey and is now, 18 months after it has been written, more true than ever. 

I hope you will help me share this incredible journey with all of you and I am sure you will find joy in it. Whether you are a parent, someone expecting a child or without children, my thought is that you will appreciate the story and the flow of the pictures in this book.

The execution

The good news is that the book is already printed and that there is no risk for you whatsoever. You don't need to be hyped about contributing to the project and then find yourself without a copy because there haven't been enough supporters. Your perk is GUARANTEED. The bad is that there are still a lot of perks waiting for the owner. 

Some details about the book:
Dimensions: 21 x 24 cm
Pages: 68 pages
Paper: Fedrigoni Symbol Tatami white 150g
Binding: sewn, hardcover with linen
High quality offset print
Limited Edition of 500 books

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