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Stefan Jora - In Search of the Rainbow (active campaign)

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Seven years ago, after having recently moved to a new city intent on jump-starting my career as a photographer, I was beginning to become dissatisfied with the community I was living in, with my network and my peers.

Then, one day, while hanging out with street kids in a formerly hippie neighborhood that's now a tourist destination, I heard whispers of a yearly get-together in some obscure location in the woods, called "the rainbow gathering". My mind imagined remnants of some simpler times, of joie de vivre and brotherhood, and of people accepting one another for who they are.

I then found my way to this idealized microcosm, only to realize that, regardless of the world they inhabit, people are in the end as varied as the multitude of emotions that guide them. Ultimately, and perhaps inevitably, my peregrination became one of self-discovery.

This year I will take one more trip in search of the elusive Rainbow, probably for the last time as I attempt to turn the page and complete a book.

Dear viewer, are you intrigued? Will you consider being part of this journey? Which hat would you wear? Let me know if there are other supporter rewards more suitable for your persona. Please become a sponsor today and stay up-to-date with this project's developments.

Thanks for your interest.

Stefan Jora,
San Francisco, 2014.

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