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In no particular order, here are the ten (black and white) books that moved and impressed me in 2013. To see the color list, click here.

Claire Felicie - Here are the young men: "A strong statement without making one"
David Thomson - 82: "So many "layers" to discover, scary but yet so beautiful!"
Verónica Fieiras - the disappeared: "The visual translation of 30.000 people that dissappeared could not be better presented"
Jens Klein - Hundewege: "No comments (printed), no comments needed"
Anne De Gelas - L'amoureuse: "Goes places that other photobooks don't go" (Colin Pantall)
Yoshiichi Hara - Tokoyo no mushi: "Simply beautiful"
Atsushi Fujiwara - Nangokusho: "Melancholic, dark, grey - a wonderful journey"
Kursat Bayhan - Away from Home: "This is a special and important book!"
Pier Casotti - Sometimes I cannot smile: "Piergiorgio took me to the place and people, literally"
Mateusz Sarello - Swell: "slightly depressing and melancholic ... of its own beauty"