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Top accesses during November 2013 (taken from the server stats)

1) Daisuke Yokota - site/cloud (Artbeat Publishers)
2) Karl de Haan - Happy Sunday (C. J. Bucher)
3) Lina Scheynius - 05 (self published)
4) Yusuke Yamatani - Tsugi no yoru e... / On to the next night (self published)
5) Kursat Bayhan - Away from Home (self published)
6) Yoshiichi Hara - Tokoyo no mushi (Sokyu-sha)
7) Tony Ray-Jones - A day off (Thames and Hudson)
8) Óscar Monzón - Karma (RVB Books/Dalpine)
9) Andreas Oetker-Kast - auf der suche nach/looking for wonderland (bt:st verlag)

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