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Nobuyoshi Araki - Xerox Photobook #4 (荒木経惟 ゼロックス写真帳 #4)

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Softcover, hand made, bound with red string, black paper front and rear covers, edition of approx. 70 copies.

„Araki graduated from Chiba University Faculty of Engineering in 1963, and began working at Dentsu. As Araki himself notes, “My Dentsu era was my training era,” the nine years that Araki worked for the firm was a time spent experimenting with photography beyond the parameters of the company. Concurrently, from around 1964, he began constructing handmade photo books by pasting prints directly into a sketchbook, and by 1970 he had self-published the 26 volume Xeroxed Photo Albums using the facilities available at work, radically pursuing the practice of editing within photo books.“ (Taka Ishii Gallery)

From the "Collection Fotosammlung OstLicht"

Pages: 6
Place: Tokyo
Year: 1970
Publisher: Self published
Size: 0 x 0 cm (approx.)

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